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We’re proficient in air dome structure design and installation. The air domes cost less than traditional buildings. Find air domes for sale in MetaSpace. MetaSpace sports and events domes are air-supported structures that don’t require permanent structures or support. They provide an excellent solution to temporarily or permanently convert one or more tennis courts or sports fields into an indoor facility. All domes fully comply with all known safety standards. They are firmly bolted to the ground by means of special anchors.  Apart from covering tennis courts and football pitches or rugby fields, our air domes are also used to cover pools, miniature golf courses and other small facilities. They have also become the solution of choice for establishing pop-up concert or event venues.

Air Dome Advantages

The Advantages Of The MetaSpace Air Domes

  • High Space Utilization
  • Low Maintenance
  • Safe And Energy Saving
  • Controllable Air Quality
  • Mobile Reuse
Air Dome Advantages

<Air Domes Options>


Our sports dome is a perfect shelter, protecting your sports courts from outside weather conditions and providing a safe & comfortable indoor space for a variety of sports activities.

  • Football / Soccer air domes
  • Tennis bubble
  • Pool enclosures & domes
  • Ice skating air domes
  • Sports dome
  • Handball air domes
  • Golf air domes
  • Velodrome air domes


Our air domes are specially made for you. Enjoy activities inside the outdoor dome. We offer custom domes for concerts, special occasions, marketing events, and more.

  • Movie Dome
  • Game  Dome
  • Events Dome
  • Music Dome
  • Festival Dome
  • Party  Dome


We provide grain storage domes and other cost-effective structures for large warehouses. The air domes are also suitable to cover any industrial facilities.

  • Agriculture Dome
  • Biodome Greenhouses
  • Warehouse Dome
  • Storge Dome
  • Office Dome


  • Industrial / Environment

For industrial applications, MetaSpace inflatable domes provide large areas of usable floor space. And the membrane structure building is quicker to build and easier to use.

  • Industrial air domes
  • Coal storage dome
  • Frame dome of mushrooms
  • Ultra versatile shelters

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