Indoor water parks have grown popular as they can provide year-round water fun regardless of the weather. Different interests flock to experience a variety of fun, requiring constant design and operation innovation. Thus, a revolutionary solution was born: air domes in aquatic centers. These transparent, lightweight air domes innovatively blend outdoor underwater experiences with indoor comfort and convenience, revolutionizing traditional indoor water park design. This concept extends indoor water parks’ potential beyond traditional limits, reshaping marine entertainment.  


Challenges of Traditional Indoor Water Park Structures

Traditional enclosed structures for indoor water parks pose inherent limitations that impact both the visitor experience and operational efficiency. These structures often struggle with the following:

  1. Limited Natural Light: Traditional indoor water park structures often grapple with a deficiency in natural light, creating an environment that can feel enclosed and artificial. The reliance on artificial lighting impacts the overall aesthetic and influences the visitor experience. The absence of natural sunlight can diminish the vibrant and lively atmosphere that outdoor water parks offer, affecting the moodwithin the indoor crowd.
  2. High Energy Costs: Energy consumption is a significant concern for conventional indoor water parks, where the need for temperature control, lighting, and water circulation systems can result in excessive energy bills. Maintaining a comfortable and enjoyable environment requires extensive heating and ventilation systems, contributing to the carbon footprint and operating costs.

Lack of Flexibility in Space Utilization: Traditional structures often lack flexibility in space utilization, with fixed layouts and rigid construction limiting adaptability to changing needs or visitor traffic. Such rigidity can lead to underutilized space at certain times and overcrowding at peak periods, impacting both operators’ and guests’ efficiency and satisfaction.

In the face of these challenges, the emergence of air domes as an innovative solution promises to address and overcome these limitations, ushering in a new era of indoor water park design and operation.


Benefits of Closed Air Domes in Aquatic Centers

  • Controlled Environment: Closed-air domes offer a highly controlled environment within aquatic centers, allowing for precise temperature, humidity, and air quality regulation. Such a controlled atmosphere minimizes external interference, providing operators with optimalwater and air quality management conditions. It ensures a comfortable and safe visitor experience while promoting efficient maintenance and operations practices.
  • Year-round Operation: One of the critical advantages of closed-air domes is the ability to facilitate year-round operation regardless of external weather conditions. By encapsulating the aquatic space, these structures protect visitors from inclement weather and have an enjoyable experience. This adaptability is particularly valuable in regions with extreme weather variations, ensuring a steady flow of visitors and revenue for aquatic centers.
  • Energy Efficiency: The insulating properties of closed-air domes minimize heat loss, reducing energy consumption and providing a sustainable, cost-effective solution for heating and climate control systems. These benefit the operational budget of aquatic centers and align with environmental sustainability goals, making closed-air domes an eco-friendly choice for year-round water park operations.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Noise Control: The enclosed nature of air domes provides enhanced privacy for visitors, creating a moretranquil environment. Additionally, these structures minimize noise transmission, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere. This feature contributes to the overall visitor experience and satisfaction. The controlled acoustic environment makes the enclosed air dome a comprehensive solution for water entertainment.

Are you ready to embark on an aquatic adventure like never before? Introducing Metaspace’s groundbreaking project: Daying County’s Ocean Heart Air Domes Water Park.


Daying Countys Ocean Heart Air Domes Water Park

The innovative water park redefines the traditional concept of aquatic entertainment with the introduction of cutting-edge air domes.  

Metaspace’s Daying County’s Ocean Heart Air Domes Water Park project is poised to offer a unique year-round oasis, defying the constraints traditionally imposed by seasons. The project’s dedication to energy efficiency is evident in its design, which cleverly minimizes energy consumption while maintaining optimal conditions for water activities. Moreover, with a significant focus on privacy, visitors are assured of a peaceful and private setting, providing an escape from the daily hustle and bustle. This focus on reducing sound pollution benefits the visitors and demonstrates a commitment to environmental mindfulness. The project sets a new benchmark for aquatic recreation facilities, integrating the tranquillity of nature with cutting-edge technology.


Metaspace (Beijing) specializes in green and innovative membrane structure construction, is not only listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) but has also been named a “WWF Climate Maker” by the international environmental protection organization WWF, demonstrating its commitment to environmental responsibility. With a vision to provide the best custom-designed air-supported domes tailored to the unique needs of our customers, Metaspace continues to shape the future of membrane structure technology application solutions.