Sports Domes

Air domes offer the perfect solution for performing activities in the open air. The MetaSpace dome is the perfect shelter to protect your sports field from external weather conditions and provide a safe and comfortable indoor space for a variety of sports activities. By providing a high-capacity play area and space for spectators and equipment, the MetaSpace Sports Dome is the perfect venue for recreational or professional indoor sports. For most cases, MetaSpace provide customers with the soccer domes, tennis bubbles, and swim domes

Tennis Bubble

Tennis Bubble

SIZE: L114m *W39m *H13.5m

 Area: 4446m²

ice air domes

Ice Skating Air Dome

SIZE: L69.5m *W48m *H16.6m

Area: 3369m²

Tennis Bubble

Soccer Dome

SIZE: L197m*W107m*H38m

Area:  21,079m²

Swim Dome

Swim Dome

SIZE: L67m *W33m *H12m

Area: 2211m²

<Products Advantages>


High Space Utilization

  • Fully supported by air
  • No need for any frame or beams inside
  • Can easily realize large-span space

Short Construction Period

  • Short installation time on site
  • Simple operation and no construction waste
  • environmentally friendly

Low Operating Energy Consumption

  • low operating cost
  • Intelligent control, easy maintenance
  • Excellent energy saving effect

Safety, Environmental Protection, Energy-Saving

  • Wind-resistant, snow-resistant, flame-retardant, waterproof, rust-resistant
  • Shock proof, insect proof, corrosion proof, extreme temperature resistant

Controllable Air Quality

  • Completely isolate the haze
  • Temperature and moderation controllable
  • Support oxygenation function

Mobile Reuse

  • Simple and lossless disassembly
  • Reusable

<Sports Air Domes Cost>


The cost of air domes depends on their size, quality, and permanency. MetaSpace sports dome will significantly reduce your construction costs compared to conventional structures, as it does not require complex site construction preparations such as concrete foundations and frames. Additionally, the inflatable sports dome does not require a construction permit as it is not considered a permanent structure. MetaSpace makes every effort to give you a satisfactory solution.

Latest Cases

METASPACE meets the growing market demand for membrane structure buildings in various industries. We have built the world’s largest R&D and manufacturing base for Air Doms. We are capable of designing and manufacturing various membrane materials such as PVC, PTFE and ETFE, and have completed more than 300 membrane structure projects.

Li Tie Football Dome

Mobile GCROSS Cross Boundary Space Roof Gas Film Competition Hall In Shenzhen

Play like the pros.

The largest air film movement complex in China

Air film Hockey Hall of Beijing Sport University

Assembled air film swimming pool

The first modern air film sports in China

Beijing Chaoyang Park Metaspace air film Tennis Hall.

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