Logistics And Warehousing

It is highly economical to build domes of pneumatic structures. Both the air dome and fabric dome are suitable for warehouses or biodome greenhouses.  

Biodome Greenhouses

Biodome Greenhouses

Self-Sustaining Urban Farming Greenhouses


Agriculture Dome

Agriculture Dome

To makes use of specially designed air dome buildings to grow your produce.


<Products Advantages>


High Space Utilization

  • Fully supported by air
  • No need for any frame or beams inside
  • Can easily realize large-span space

Short Construction Period

  • Short installation time on site
  • Simple operation and no construction waste
  • environmentally friendly

Low Operating Energy Consumption

  • low operating cost
  • Intelligent control, easy maintenance
  • Excellent energy saving effect

Safety, Environmental Protection, Energy-Saving

  • Wind-resistant, snow-resistant, flame-retardant, waterproof, rust-resistant
  • Shock proof, insect proof, corrosion proof, extreme temperature resistant

Controllable Air Quality

  • Completely isolate the haze
  • Temperature and moderation controllable
  • Support oxygenation function

Mobile Reuse

  • Simple and lossless disassembly
  • Reusable
Pneumatic Structures Cost

Pneumatic Structures Cost

MetaSpace pneumatic structure requires much lower construction costs than traditional structures as it does not require sophisticated site-building preparation such as concrete foundation and framing and other issues connected with conventional buildings. Furthermore, an inflatable pneumatic structure does not require a construction permit as it is not considered as a permanent structure.


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