During the Spring Festival of 2019, with the release of “crazy alien”, it not only made a lot of box office, but also increased the momentum for the development of China’s film industry. In public opinion and social media, a phenomenal topic appeared: because of the frequent appearance of “spaceship like” gas film lens with a sense of science and technology in the film, it has aroused a high degree of attention and has deeply affected it The eye economy in the field of innovative membrane structure venues and facilities, a subdivision of the construction industry, especially the gas film manufacturers, have come out one after another to rub against the heat and take advantage of the momentum to spread, which has become a fire.
It is gratifying that the whole gas film category can obtain significant marketing resources. However, there are also people in the circle of friends who are constantly curious and asking: which manufacturer is using the air film in crazy alien? At the end of the Spring Festival holiday, after the film industry has fully enjoyed the benefits of communication and forwarded it one after another, now we have to officially announce it: “crazy alien” uses the film made by joton.
For years, even Stephen Hawking has been trying to answer a question that has always challenged our understanding of outer space: what are aliens?
This is perhaps the most difficult proposition in the world so far to be fully presented in the form of culture and art. However, on the first day of the lunar new year in 2019, as soon as the movie “crazy aliens” is shown, it gathers a lot of public praise and topics in the cultural and technological circles. It seems to provide some referential answers for the audience with the “anti routine” comic technique of impact and reversal, and hints and inspires our mortal ambition.
While appreciating this film, many people will be attracted by the absurd comedy and the laughter full of grass-roots spirit. However, some seemingly understatement plots are often overlooked: why is C conducting scientific research in the air membrane building when country C is secretly studying aliens? Why does the alien “little monkey” escape by the wind tunnel of air film
It’s like a logic that needs to decipher the code. When I think about the film, these questions always exist in the minds of many audiences.
Yes, if there is no hidden mystery and idea to unlock, how can Ning Hao, as a ghost director, fulfill his original intention of shooting this work – “crazy alien” will surpass my previous works of “crazy department.”
Those who are familiar with the aesthetic style of Ning Hao’s films, especially those who have seen “Crazy Stone” and “crazy racing car”, will understand that Ning Hao is a person who has an insight into his life experience: every bit of accumulation in his life will become the material of creation in his world. Once the flash of light, he will create a living human nature on the screen, rather than a facial or concept The role of transformation.
It is reported that when shooting “crazy aliens” in 2017, Ning Hao strongly put forward an idea at an internal meeting of the crew: in order to break through the routine of traditional sci-fi films, quickly present the concept of a sense of future and a sense of science and technology, and meet the story and narrative logic in the film, he boldly adopts the air film to realize it.
More importantly, in this film, the air film is not used as a conventional studio props, but as a laboratory scene in the film story.
As soon as this decision was made, the crew of “crazy alien” immediately contacted Beijing yoton air film construction technology Co., Ltd., which has the largest market share in the domestic film industry, from the perspective of category leading position and professionalism. According to the use and shooting needs of the crew, yoton is responsible for the construction of the film venue in “crazy alien”, including the mobile subject It takes only one week for gas film, container corridor and workshop, and large cargo access.
According to the author’s analysis, the user (crew) has several considerations in choosing the air film venue for the film
First, the construction speed is fast. It is only one week from mobilization to acceptance. The movable foundation can be completely removed after use, and the ground will be restored to its original state. Therefore, compared with the traditional building forms, the air film stadium has the advantages of low construction cost, high space utilization, simple maintenance, short construction cycle, and repeated relocation.
“The museum was not built overnight. 90% of the gas film museum is prefabricated in the factory and installed in modularization on site. Under the condition of meeting the requirements of gas film installation, the construction time on site is generally only one week, and the construction period is far better than that of traditional building forms. ” Beijing yoton gas film construction technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for this project.
Secondly, the narrative style of the film is not slow, but it tells the story; in terms of the logic of the story, the location of aliens landing on the earth is random, and the air film building is suitable for all terrain and can be temporarily built at any time. In the film, it is in line with the narrative logic.
Third, the cost of shooting. In general, film shooting needs to build a studio first, and then do the indoor scene layout. This kind of permanent building construction investment, maintenance cost and utilization after shooting has always been a big problem. There is no problem in the later operation because of the characteristics of the air film building being demolished as soon as it is built.
Finally, the air film building itself has a sense of science and technology. Large space without beam and column, completely closed sealed channel, and container end