The epidemic has made 1.4 billion people stay at home and dare not go out. In these days of home isolation, we are worried, anxious, moved and looking forward to Experienced a myriad of emotions, as if everyone had experienced a soul baptism. Everyone who died in the epidemic reminds us with their lives that health is the foundation of everything.
After the epidemic, we really need to pay attention to our health, eat well, sleep well and exercise well. Affected by the epidemic situation, all walks of life and various fields have been affected to varying degrees, and the sports industry has also been relatively affected. With the situation getting better and better, life slowly returns to normal, and the stadiums are opening in succession. Finally, we can go out of the house and enjoy the health and happiness brought by sports with our friends.
On March 23, some sports venues in Shenyang began to open to the public on the basis of epidemic prevention and control to meet the fitness needs of Shenyang citizens. At 8:30 a.m., there are already many badminton fans playing in the air film badminton stadium of No.8 football Park of Li Tie. It is reported that 300 badminton fans will be admitted to the venue on that day, and the air film football stadium will undertake three football matches. Yang Lingling, a badminton fan, said that when she took off her mask when playing, her psychological pressure was released and we felt very happy and relaxed.
According to Liu Dongdong, director of the office of Li Tie football club, the stadium is subject to body temperature monitoring, and the staff wear protective equipment such as masks. Citizens need to show green health codes and then measure their body temperature. They can enter only when their body temperature is normal. A small peak is expected over the weekend.
Li Tie No.8 sports park is divided into sports function area and leisure function area. The sports function area includes 3 air film halls, 5 outdoor football fields and related supporting facilities. The leisure functional area provides fitness square, fitness Ring Road and other facilities for the public. At the same time, it also plans children’s activity area, children’s cycling Ring Road and camping site. Three main air film stadiums were built by yoton company in 2016. They are air film football stadium, air film badminton stadium and air film comprehensive hall. The air film football stadium with a construction area of 9000 square meters is not only the first air film standard football field in China, but also the first football field certified by FIFA two-star in three provinces of Northeast China. The three air film stadiums are equipped with glare free lighting and air purification system, and the stadiums are in a comfortable constant temperature state throughout the year.