The air dome market is undoubtedly on the roll. The moment it got famous for its prodigious amount of space, it instantly got the attention of the storage dome supplier experts. The logistics and warehousing facilities cannot seem to do without it and are commonly benefiting from the air dome system. To know why it is so, continue to read on and figure it out as we proceed with the discussion.

Benefits of Applying Air Dome in Logistics and Warehousing

The industrial air dome (or the storage dome) is comprehensively employed to secure tons of raw materials that belong to sectors like power, steel and petroleum, and many others. Therefore, the air dome system can surely give the logistics and warehousing facilities an upper hand by solving their never-ending obstacles with its high-tech features.


The following are some significant perks that the air dome system can offer to modify the logistics and warehousing traditions:


  1. Multiple Protective Properties Meet Storage Requirements

It is well protected with a waterproof membrane and insulation system that keeps the walls and the inside air from being stimulated by the external cooling/heating factors. In this way, the air dome plays its part in preserving the quality of the stored commodities by constantly maintaining the internal temperature of the warehousing facility. Also, it prohibits the condensation process from taking place, which can affect the dry food supplies stocked in the storage dome inventory.


It uses high-quality building fiber membrane material as the building shell. The whole building is supported by the difference in air pressure indoors and outdoor. The unique structure doesn’t need any frame or beam to support it, which saves a lot of space to store goods.


Plus, its solid structural design has an extended lifetime service, which can last up to over 25 to 35 years.


  1. Easy to Install and Disassemble

Practically, the on-site installation can be easily accomplished in approximately ten days. The best part is that assembling and disassembling an air dome is quick and flexible. Not only that, but it is likewise entirely free from different construction noises and dust particles that arise due to drilling activities. Moreover, there’s no sign of any accumulated construction waste found on the site of an air dome installation.


  1. High Space Utilization

At last, here comes the tremendous amount of space for your logistics and warehousing. Unlike the typical square and rectangular inventories, an air dome in a spherical structure can always create the most amount of volume with the least amount of materials. For instance, with an extensive clear span, an air dome can quickly provide space for stocking up a massive product volume, reaching over 100,000 tons in a single column-free structural cell.


Apart from that, it can also save you a couple of bucks on the permanent property lease that you would most likely pay for a less spacious and more expensive flat storage area than the air dome capacity. The air dome has both compact and portable features that make it more flexible for loading, shifting, and stocking up products in a highly economical way.  

Metaspace As the Best Supplier of Air Dome System

If you want to trust a storage dome supplier who knows the ropes of membrane structure construction better than any other in the industry, then Metaspace is your best shot.


  • 16years of Industry Experience

With a superior experience of 16 years in the industry, Metaspace is regarded as the world’s leading meticulous service provider of membrane structure technology solutions. That’s because we cover your project from scratch. Our comprehensively inclusive air dome package includes everything from design and R&D to planning, manufacturing, and finally, flawless production.


  • Trustworthy Supplier with “WWF Climate Maker” Title

Having worked with more than 500+ global clients around the world, Metaspace is undoubtedly the most trustworthy storage dome supplier among the rest. But that’s not all; Metaspace is the only enterprise in the entire industry that has been rewarded with the prestigious title of “WWF Climate Maker” by the International Environmental Protection Organization WWF.


And all this was the recognition of Metaspace’s aim to contribute to the low carbon emission target (net zero 2025) by introducing more innovative and eco-friendly air dome products.


  • Patented Technology

After years of constant research and development on the different types of domes, Metaspace developed an intelligent manufacturing technique for air dome membrane-structure products. Following this motivated spirit, we have successfully launched over 200 gas film and membrane structure projects and owned more than 110 patents. Fortunately, all these patented technology products were received with an overwhelming response by their local and overseas customers.


Metaspace offers great quality air dome membrane-structure construction applications to businesses like sports, cultural tourism, industrial environmental protection, logistics warehousing, plateau military, and many others. If you want to know more insights about us, feel free to book an instant online quote today.