Extreme weather conditions sometimes disrupt every walk of life, and sports are no different. Whenever a thunderstorm strikes or the wild wind blows, it becomes impossible to conduct outdoor sports. You cannot afford to play in extreme weather conditions since the safety of the players, audience, and sports equipment are at risk.


Even in the presence of extreme weather conditions, conducting events outdoors is nothing more than a pipe dream. This is where the sports dome comes in, which covers the whole gym and provides you with the space needed to play the game comfortably, even in deteriorating weather.

What Is a Sports Dome?


  • Structure

A dome is a large, air supported structure that encloses a sports field or arena. Sports domes have safe structures, which means that they are immune to extreme wind conditions and even continuous snowfalls. This system works on the air pressure, so you have no need to use internal beams to support the domes.

  • System

A sports dome is usually composed of a lighting system, reinforcing steel cable system, insulation system, anchorage system, intelligent equipment unit, emergency door, and main membrane material. In the presence of sports domes, everyone is equally safe from extreme weather conditions.


Advantages of the Sports Dome Under Extreme Weather

Playing the games in a dome under extreme weather conditions comes with the following benefits:

  • More Large Span Building Space

Sports domes provide more space to play within the building as they are supported by air pressure and do not require any internal beam or column. Similarly, you can also add extra roof layers on the top of the single dome, which allows you to further strengthen the dome without increasing the load-bearing capacity of the building.


  • Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Materials

Sports domes are energy efficient, so you can use them without losing the internal energy of the court to the outside environment. These domes are made up of material with high thermal reflectivity and heat dissipation, which means that the external temperature will not be able to impact the inner court, and all the energy will be reflected back.


Likewise, you get UV protection with these domes, enabling you to conduct the games at extreme temperature conditions. With the PVD/PVDF coating on the domes, you are also not harming the environment at all. Most of the time, these materials do not even require any legal license due to their eco-friendly nature, so you can use them without any worry.


  • More Flexible

You do not need extensive labor to install sports domes on your stadiums. In fact, these domes are easy and quick to install, which makes them highly popular. Similarly, these domes are flexible and portable, which means that you can remove and install them as per your choice easily. For instance, if you want to play in the open stadium, you can remove the dome temporarily, play the game outdoors, and install the dome again after the game. Furthermore, these domes are also portable, so that once you own a sports dome, you can use them for other buildings and structures as well without getting new domes.


  • High Safety

Sports dome resist the disaster of wind and snow, which saves the players and the audience from getting injured from the extreme weather events.


  • Lower Building Cost

Sports domes are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a cost-effective way to build a permanent facility that can be used all year round. Domes can be built to any size and can be adapted to accommodate different sports. In the long run, you save a lot of money by hosting events all year long and making big money with these events.


Metaspace Recommendation

Metaspace brings incredible sports domes at your disposal, which allows you to play the sports or conduct any other event in extreme weather conditions.


We help you in getting highly customized air domes, based on your requirements, with the help of the following distinctions:


  • Metaspace determines the wind, earthquake, snow, and other different possible loads on the domes and then carries out internal force analysis to manufacture a dome as per your customized needs.
  • Weselect the material based on the requirements on which you want to operate these domes.
  • We help you insulate the domes as per the local temperature conditions of your area.
  • By following the local architectural guidelines, weensure that you are not breaking any law.


Wrapping Up

With more than 16 years of experience and a trusted customer base of over 500 well-renowned companies, Metaspace is transforming membrane structure construction work. Over the years, we have promoted green, environmental protection, and innovative solutions for air domes, which has urged various types of industries to use our services.