An air dome can be defined as a hollow, air supported structure that runs on a continuous air ventilation system along with multiple layers of protective PVC coatings on its shell membrane. In simple words, the air dome is a new type of building formation technique in the construction family, which takes pride in its cutting-edge membrane structure technology that sets it apart from the rest. It’s a fact that an air dome can save all your conventional building materials and relative energy consumption, which is needed for further undertakings.



What are the Different Applications of Air Dome?

So, what fields can the gas film be applied to? Let’s take a look at it.

  • Recreational

An air dome can provide a controlled roof to cover numerous professional and recreational activities like music concerts, exercise, etc. However, the ultimate sports category is the most prominent recreational activity that tops the list with great distinction. For example, an air dome, or a sports dome, is employed to enhance golf and tennis courts, hockey fields, rugby or football pitches, etc.

Especially for club sports, like football, the air dome system provides a quick and reliable alternative to extend their limited matches beyond seasonal restrictions. Moreover, it allows them the freedom to enjoy year-long leagues, regardless of the weather conditions.  


  • Culture and Travel

Air dome systems are extensively known to capture the essence of one’s culture through their art and designs with remarkable aesthetic features. Indeed, an air supported structure can protect all the beautiful fabrications relatively better under the controlled environment of an air dome facility.

However, a traditional building or museum has been helplessly damaging the historical items and places for ages due to no resistance to natural disasters like earthquakes and storms. Other than that, the countries are boosting tourism by constructing spa facilities in air dome structures.


  • Industrial Environmental

An air dome system is utilized in the industrial environmental areas where people and manufactured equipment are exposed to harsh working conditions. 

But a heating space can be created independently in an air dome, where workers don’t have to breathe in polluted, toxic industrial environments full of contaminating particles. Instead, an air dome can filter all the impurities from the inside environment and provide pollutant-free air to the workers.


  • Logistics and Warehousing

Air dome systems are installed to provide flexibility in the logistics and warehousing departments. Extensive industrial inventories need to store raw materials under a safe shelter, which can maintain the stocked product in its original state without any damage.  

These air dome systems protect against internal and external factors that can hurt the quality of their stocked inventory. It could be due to extreme weathering conditions, like severe hot or cold climate that can spoil the product, or other internal factors, like insects or other nocturnal animals that are famous for invading storage facilities and causing harm to the stocked products.



What Are the Different Advantages of Air Dome?

The following are some of the few distinct features that make the air dome stand out in a crowd:  


  1. Windproof, Snow Proof, Haze Proof, Fireproof, Shockproof, Insect-Proof

One of the significant advantages of an air dome is that it gives you the luxury to control several climatic aspects, which can otherwise affect and limit your potential to a great extent. Thus, the air dome can provide you shelter from sudden natural climatic conditions that can be harmful, such as sudden fire outbursts, ultraviolet radiations, heavy wind flow, snow, and an insect bite.  

Another thing you might not know about an air dome system is that its tremendous strength can even endure a natural shock, like an earthquake. Furthermore, the continuous ventilation system that keeps the air supported structure properly inflated also has a filtration system that excludes all the air pollutants, including but not limited to haze or foggy particles in the air dome’s atmosphere, and keeps your lungs healthy with fresh and pure breathing air.


  1. Energy-Saving and Eco-Friendly

Unlike the traditional steel or concrete buildings that create a lot of construction fuss with the accumulated waste and loud drilling sounds while eating up a lot of other significant resources, air dome systems are entirely the opposite. While being made up of an air-supported structure, the air dome doesn’t require any material fabrication to stand tall. With elements like the PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride) membrane, which is an energy-efficient and carbon-free material, the air dome somewhat provides an energy-saving and environment-friendly construction method.  


  1. Cost-Effectiveand Reusable

People often think that an air dome system might take a lot to make, but surprisingly, it is the other way round. Since no walls and ceilings are required to build the interior setup, an air-supported structure like an air dome needs far less material inside the shell to hold up the inflated tent.

An air dome can provide extensively clear space at a low running cost. The double protective membrane system behaves as an insulator to auricular and thermal factors that help minimize the maintenance expenses. In addition, there’s no need for extra light heads during the time because the semi-transparent air dome shell allows the bright sunlight to pass through the air supported structure during the daytime. Likewise, it also cuts down the extra operational costs.


  1. Short Construction Period and Large Span

Air domes have a short construction period, it is surprising that it only takes one day to site construction, and there is no construction waste or harm to the environment during the whole process. Not only that but the air domes also can be disassembled simply and are reusable.



Applying Air Dome from Metaspace in Recreational Activities

Metaspace is the world’s leading air dome provider for meticulous air doom membrane-structure technology solutions, especially for recreational activities.

Meanwhile, the vast network of businesses that Metaspace is well-equipped to collaborate with includes sports, cultural tourism, industrial environmental protection, logistics warehousing, plateau military, and so on. Not to mention, their high-quality air dome membrane structure technology has the features to create your project just the way you have imagined.