Indoor sports have added a wide variety to the already existing outdoor sports in the modern-day era. In the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, different indoor sports are played, including speed skating, curling, figure skating, and ice hockey. Due to the nature of these sports and the types of outfield these sports require, the gyms in most of these cases had to withstand the cold to make these events possible. In case of small mismanagement, the whole experience of these sports gets destroyed. So, a sports dome helped the management to successfully conduct these events.

What Does A Qualified Sports Dome Look Like?


  • Resistant to wind, snow, and low temperature

Only a stable indoor environment ensures that sports like speed skating, figure skating, and curling are held smoothly. However, as we all know, winter always comes with extreme weather such as wind, snowstorms, etc. Fortunately, a sports dome can help with that. Sports domes from Metaspace use advanced materials to maintain structural stability even in severe weather. The sports dome should be designed to cope with high snow loads and strong winds. The fabric structure of the dome is configured and installed according to the location, terrain, and intended use, which optimizes the structure’s performance.


  • Indoor temperature is adjustable

Controlling the climate in a Metaspace sports dome is simple. A mechanical system inside the dome monitors the quality of air pumped into the structure, including the temperature. The system circulates fresh air throughout the dome, while a powerful air conditioning unit can keep it at a consistent temperature. This way, players feel comfortable inside the dome as soon as they step into the dome.


  • Anti-haze effects

Haze is often taking place in Beijing’s winter. But don’t you worry, Metaspace pioneered the PM2.5 air purification system. No matter how serious the outdoor haze is, the real-time monitoring of PM2.5 in the sports dome will be kept below 10, which is better than the high-quality air index set by the World Health Organization. The air domes have thus become the only type of building with an anti-haze effect in the common architectural form.


  • Easy to build and reusable

In order to temporarily provide venues for some winter sports, the construction period should not be long. Metaspace’s sports dome not only has an ultra-short construction period but also is easy to install and dismantle. It does not produce construction waste and can be reused. It can even be built in a day.

Beijing’s Disabled Persons Curling and Ice Hockey Sports Center

Beijing’s Disabled Persons Curling and Ice Hockey Sports Center, built by Metaspace, is one such place that needs a sports dome so that disabled athletes can practice rigorously to compete in the Olympics. The center is the first air-supported membrane structure in Beijing and the first provincial curling and ice hockey sports center for disabled people in China.


With an area of 9,878 square meters, it has a standard ice hockey field, 5 curling tracks, and is equipped with an HD camera recording and scoring system, which can simultaneously meet the training of 2 ice hockey teams and 10 curling teams on the same field. According to Beijing’s winter temperature, altitude, and air pressure, Metaspace selects thermal insulation measures to deepen the design of mechanical equipment. To ensure that the temperature and humidity of the field during the competition meet the requirements.


Metaspace as the Pioneer

It’s worth mentioning that the Center has extraordinary meaning as below:


  • Environmental Care

Because the air dome structure has good light transmittance, it saves a lot of lighting energy and realizes the ultra-low energy consumption of the Center. The direct-cooling ice-making process is used in the stadium. The refrigerant in the venue is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-corrosive. While ensuring that the ice surface in the venue meets the Olympic standard, it saves more than 50% energy compared with venues that use refrigerants to make ice.


  • Humanized Design

The particularity of disabled athletes is also being taken into consideration. The barrier-free design is adopted inside and outside the hall. Two floors are specially designed with different heights. One of the lower floors is dedicated to athletes in wheelchairs. In addition, artificial ice is covered from the locker room to the venue’s entrance so that disabled athletes can slide directly into the stadium after getting on the ice sled in the locker room.

All in all, the air-supported sports dome can provide athletes with a playing field that meets international competition standards.


Wrapping Up

Metaspace (Beijing) Air Dome Corp is revolutionizing the air-supported sports dome industry by manufacturing top-notch products for global brands. We have been working in this domain since 2006, which has equipped us with all the valuable experience needed to build state-of-the-art membrane-supported structures.


More importantly, we have the WWF Climate Maker award under our belt, which was given to us by an international environmental protection organization, WWF, for manufacturing such incredible products without any environmental hazards. Our air domes for pool allow athletes to compete fairly in the competition for which they spend their whole lives.