Food preservation and storage have always presented significant worldwide challenges. Improper food storage can result in a variety of issues, including bacteria and mold growth, food spoiling due to natural decay, and even food waste, which results in the loss of billions of dollars each year. However, a storage dome is a perfect solution to this issue.


Traditional Storage Solutions Are Not Fit for Future Needs

Over the years, manufacturers have used traditional storage methods to protect commodities from insect infestation and increase their life duration. These traditional grain storage structures consist of a steel structure on top of a bungalow with many beam-column structures in the middle. These storage facilities are often convenient for short-term use, but when the loader and excavator are stacked high with greater production, the operating efficiency is greatly reduced, and there is a rise in safety risks like accidents.



Moreover, traditional food storage has a much more extended construction period. These storage facilities need much more time to be fully usable and are expensive to build because of the costly materials used.


Grain Storage Domes: The Best Alternative

With the consistent advancement of technology, there are much better options for storing grains. The best alternative to traditional storage facilities is the modern grain storage dome. They are more cost-effective than alternative structures for massive warehouses. The air domes can also be used to protect industrial buildings. These storage domes are used in different industries such as agriculture, biodome greenhouses, office domes for storage, and many more.


These storage domes offer many advantages for their users, such as:


  1. Large Size

With storage domes, you can pick the sizes, features, etc., that are the appropriate solution for your needs. You can also add more storage capacity if necessary. These on-site warehouses have larger storage space which you can easily set up on your site, closer to your production area. Furthermore, the space isn’t wasted by any beams or frames inside the dome.


  1. Excellent Performance

Temperature control is one of the biggest concerns in any food storing facility. No matter how much traditional storages try to control the temperature, there is always room for error. However, intelligent control systems give the storage dome constant temperature and humidity, so the food doesn’t go bad quickly. Moreover, there is excellent air tightness which ultimately gives corrosion resistance as it completely isolates the haze.


  1. Light-Weight

A storage dome has an incredibly light structure, requiring no large-scale construction work and producing no construction debris. You won’t need to buy another building as it can be constructed in any geological setting or on top of other structures and buildings. This is why the construction of a pneumatic structure is highly cost-effective. Air domes and fabric domes are both excellent for warehouses and biodome greenhouses.


  1. Aseptic Conditions

Another major difficulty for food storage facilities is the need to maintain a clean air environment, which significantly increases the overall cost of the project. Because the air dome building is airtight, and the internal air pressure is higher than the external air pressure, the external air can not enter the air film interior, thus forming a sterile environment, which ensure food or other substances better preserved.


Storage Domes in Huludao Port, China: An Excellent Example

Huludao Port has established the development aim of being exceptional, polished, solid, strong, and large in constructing a food storage facility in recent years.


As an essential sea outlet in western Liaoning, China, Huludao Port has significant geographical benefits. This lovely land is home to some of the best storage domes, which are designed with exceptional facilities that are lower in cost, more energy efficient, faster, more ecologically friendly, and safer.


  • Building Supporting Facilities & Remote Intelligent Control Systems

The Huludao Port has two air-supported structure warehouses with a total area of more than 40,000 square meters that were built sequentially. They have supporting features such as large-scale car entry and exit and remote intelligent control systems that can monitor indoor data in real-time to ensure safe operation.


Moreover, the supporting facilities, such as the railway freight yard, air-supported structure warehouse, and bungalow warehouse, are essentially perfect, and port-related business is conducted in an orderly manner, gradually realizing Huludao Port’s strategic transformation from a single terminal operation to a port plus industry, trade, and finance.



  • Air-Supported Structure

The storage dome has extensive storage capacity in its air-supported structure warehouse. The storage dome at Huludao Port uses air as the force to support the building and creates the primary body of the building through the difference in indoor and external air pressure, allowing for a large-span interior area of 120 meters without beams and columns, with maximum utilization of interior space.


  • Light Structure

Continuing with the storage dome example at Huludao Port, its incredibly light structure eliminates the need for large-scale construction activity and construction debris. All the equipment used in the facility is prefabricated in the factory and modularly assembled on site.


Storage Domes by Metaspace

Metaspace is a national high-tech firm dedicated to promoting green, environmental protection, and novel membrane structure building. The unique structural principles and technological capabilities of the Metaspace air dome make it not only the port of Huludao but also the best storage space construction solution for all seaports.