While it is generally easy to set up a field for football, baseball, and other events that are usually enjoyed in hot and cold weather, there are some sports that require a very specific temperature. Ice and snow sports are great examples, where exceptionally low temperatures become critical to prevent the platforms from melting. Artificial courses are often created, but this can take up a lot of energy and involve various expenses to maintain. With a sports dome, things might become simpler, a type of option that has been trending and paves the way for future setups.


Metaspace was chosen as a supplier for sports domes that are to be used in the National Snow Events Training Base in Chengde, China, which will form part of the Beijing Winter Olympics. At present, it has become an international standard training ground.

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Two Projects Make Sports Dome A Trend

Metaspace has shown the world how domes can become part of future tech when there is a need to create spaces that comply with specific requirements – such as the maintenance of a low temperature in environments where there is a significant amount of ice or snow.


One example is the comes in the form of a sports dome that was developed for a training center that focused on disc skiing, as well as skating.


There were several reasons why Metaspace impressed the audience with the sports dome they developed for this particular event:


  • The design of the dome focused on using airsupported structures instead of standard columns and beans. This helped to significantly enhance the amount of space that was available for the construction of the internal elements in the dome.
  • The dome also provided a significant reduction in energy costs, all while being able to maintain a specific temperature more effectively.
  • The equipment implemented inside the sports dome is the first of its kind. The environment offers a type of disc ski simulator that can be easily adjusted in order to create various scenarios during the course of training sessions.

Another important note of how Metaspace is working closely with organizations to create a futuristic option in the sports industry comes in the form of an air dome used for cross-country skiing:


  • An air dome is used, which contains a layer of insulation that also utilizes air. This system is able to maintain a temperature between minus six and eight degrees on the interior of the building. These are the ideal operating temperatures for the ice field that participants require in order to perform skiing on the track.
  • The dome spans a length of 2.5km. This helps to provide greater coverage for longer laps that are required during professional championship events in the ice skiing sport.


The two projects of Hebei Chengde National Snow Events Training Base are the world’s first and have made great contributions to ice and snow sports development. They also have become examples for other countries and regions to build national professional training venues.


Metaspace Promoting Ice And Snow Sports Through Their Sports Dome Solutions

Metaspace has been offering a series of sports domes to clients in various areas of sport. A special focus has been placed on ice and snow sports in the last few years, particularly with the use of their domes in the Beijing Winter Olympics.


There are several benefits that Metaspace can bring to these events in order to make them possible and to promote participation in sports performed on ice and snow surfaces.


  • The use of air supported structureshelps to reduce the overall construction costs that are required to set up a stadium for these sports events.
  • There is a significant reduction in the overall energy consumption throughout the facility.
  • It is also easier to maintain a facility that is completely clean when using a sports dome solution.
  • There are several solutions that can be used, including air domes that do not include the typical set of beams and columns to support the structure of the exterior.


These two unique air dome projects both reflect the market’s full recognition of Metaspace’s continuous creation of ice and snow sports air dome venues. In the future, with the full-scale arrival of the post-Winter Olympics era, Metaspace will, as always, continue to accelerate the pace of building ice and snow air dome stadiums and promote the development of ice and snow sports. At the same time, Metaspace will also keep contributing high-efficiency and energy-saving outdoor dome solutions to the world.