Swim Dome: The Newest Wave of Natatorium

Swim domes have great potential to take the place of traditional swimming stadiums. Basically, a swim dome offers multiple benefits, such as complete weather protection and fast and easier installation. However, the most significant feature of a swim dome is it has lower energy consumption compared to a traditional swimming stadium.


Now, let us dive into a deeper discussion of the swim domes.

air-supported structure

Energy Consumption Problem with Traditional Swimming Stadiums

Swim domes are being actively installed in the natatoriums since traditional swimming stadiums consume a lot of extra energy.


Even some of the basic facilities such as air conditioning and lighting in large spaces, high levels of water heating requirements, filtration, and continuous replacement of water can take up huge consumption of this already-short natural resource. However, Swim domes are an excellent way to fix all these issues while being cost-effective.


Swim Dome of Yihai Garden in Beijing

One of the best examples of a swim dome-based natatorium is the Yihai Garden’s swimming dome in Beijing, China.


This swim dome is a popular spot for families to relax after a busy and tiring day. It has many state-of-the-art facilities that make it remarkably one of the most resourceful swim stadiums in the world.


  1. Basic Featuresof Yihai Garden Swim Dome

The Yihai Garden swimming dome is one of the largest swimming domes in Beijing. It comprises an 1853 square meter pool, with eight long swimming lanes in the main competition pool. This pool’s integrated technology maintains a constant ambient temperature of 27 °C and a water temperature of 26 °C.

  1. Pioneering Features

Let’s now take a look at the prominent features of the Yihai Garden Swim Dome built by Metaspace.


  • Constant Temperature in the Dome

The Yihai Garden in Beijing’s air supported structure not only provides a sizable indoor area and a natural dome but also makes it simple to control the temperature and humidity, making it more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


This allows visitors to always be in the most comfortable environment. Pool enclosures offer shade during the warmer months in addition to covering the swimming pools. Thanks to this, the Yihai Garden is a popular tourist attraction all year round.


  • Intelligent Management System

The swim dome in Yihai Garden also equips with a fully functional intelligent control system. The management of the whole swimming pool is done through an intelligent management system, optimizing all kinds of operating units at any time. In this way, the heat loss in the swimming pool can be minimized.

With the intelligent control system, the temperature inside the swimming dome will always keep constant. At the same time, the system automatically keeps the air temperature inside the dome higher than the water temperature in the pool, ensuring the best swimming experience for users.


  • Patented Technology

Because of the high humidity in swimming pools, traditional swimming pools are commonly plagued with the problem of condensation accumulation. Fortunately, Metaspace’s unique patented Technology is perfectly applied in the Yihai Garden dome for pool– the “No Cold Bridge” process can effectively solve this problem while making the overall operating energy consumption of swimming pools only 30% of that of conventional buildings of the same volume.


  • Streamlined Glazing Technology

It has a special pool lighting system mounted directly into the beams of the Yihai pool enclosure to provide uniform lighting throughout the pool area. It helps enhance the natural lighting level of the swimming pool.


Metaspace’s patented system of the swim domes and the streamlined glazing technology together achieve ultra-low energy consumption in the swimming dome.

Build Swim Dome with Metaspace

Metaspace uses high-performance architectural structure materials with high durability and corrosion resistance. With a stunning exterior, we build chic swim domes to fit both in-ground and above-ground swimming pools.


From structure to the products used, shape to color, we design swim domes that best represent you and your aesthetic!

Ending Note

It is annoying to have to close pools and other facilities when the weather turns cold. One approach to keep the fun and the cash flowing is to avoid allowing the seasons to determine when you can do business. Enclosed domes are perfect for covering sports facilities like swimming pools!


These domes are becoming the best alternative for renovating traditional indoor swimming pools as well as outdoor swimming pools. For no more inefficient use of energy, you can convert to a swimming dome to attract customers all year.