Things You Won’t Believe You Can Do With an Outdoor Dome

Construction domes have been used in architecture for a long time; dainty tops of old European churches are a popular example. The concept of outdoor domes has recently gained popularity in various industries, including logistics and warehousing, the industrial environment, and the leisure industry. However, the most recent and ingenious application of an outdoor dome has been in the film and television industries.

Commonly, the domes that are applied in this industry have an air-supported structure with doors and windows shaped like a sphere or spherical ellipsoid. Let’s take a look at typical case for further understanding.

outdoor doom

Metaspace Outdoor Dome in the Film Crazy Alien

Domes are currently fashionable in the film business, with the film Crazy Alien serving as an example. The utilization of outdoor domes in the film was discovered to be quite unique, as the crew employed them for a laboratory scene.

The story begins with two Chinese amusement park workers discovering a crashed alien spaceship, mistaking the alien envoy for an unusual South American monkey, and removing the alien’s headband. They have spent their entire lives in the circus monkey business and know nothing else, so they begin training the alien as a performing monkey.

And when they found out it was not a monkey but actually an outer space life, they sent it to a laboratory for observation and study.

Outdoor domes by Metaspace were used to create the laboratory scene. The Crazy Alien crew immediately contacted Metaspace, who has the largest market share in China’s domestic air domes industry. According to the use and shooting needs of the crew, Metaspace successfully and quickly built the air dome laboratory scene, including the movable body of the air-supported structure, the container corridor, studio entry, and exit channels in just one week.


Why Was An Outdoor Dome Used In The Film?

But why would directors choose dome architecture over conventional ones? Here are some of the key benefits of dome structures:


  • Fast building speed:Domes are simpler to construct and take less time.
  • An outdoor dome matches the storys logic:The outdoor dome features high applicability to terrain, which fits the storyline of the alien’s random landing locations and makes greater sense in the movie scenario.
  • An outdoor dome effectively reduces the cost: Exterior domes are less expensive to obtain and use, while traditional studios have huge post-maintenance costs and low repeating utilization factor.
  • The outdoor domes if full of a sense of technology: As can be seen in other similar science fiction works, when expressing scientific research content, people often choose a pure white background to set off the sense of technology, and the outdoor dome can fulfill it perfectly. Moreover, the air dome laboratory also provides a super large space without beams and no columns, a completely airtight sealed channel, an alien observation room, and a large cargo entry and exit channel for the transport spacecraft.
  • Recyclable after shooting:The outdoor domes are not only cost-effective but are recyclable with little environmental impact. This is why; they are becoming increasingly popular in various industries.

Where Else Do Air Domes Come In Handy?

These inflatable domes also fit well for sports, storage, industrial use, etc. Here are two other outstanding examples of sports domes from Metaspace:

  • The National Tennis Center Legend Cloud Dome is a sports dome in Beijing, China. It offers multiple tennis courts that meet the national standard, and many national games were held here.

air dome

  • A further example is the air-supported dome of Nanjing Dry Snow Hall in Nanjing, China. It has become a training camp for the national snowboarding team. The temperature and humidity inside the sports dome are constant. Moreover, the air-supported structure has good resistance to extreme weather, which makes it available 24/7 for training. Thanks to this sports dome, the athletes of Team China achieve good results at the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

Air Domes: An Irresistible Historical Trend

All these excellent dome samples showed us that we must create architecture while maximizing our respect for the environment since it continues to grow. And air domes are currently an irresistible historical trend.

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