With the continuous change and improvement of people’s expectations of tourism destinations, tourism demand has gradually shifted from simple eating, drinking, and relaxation to more high-end spiritual fields such as emotional experience, sensory stimulation, and inspiration. That is where the air dome steps in.

One of the most recent ventures that the world is now looking at includes air domes, which comes as a first in Daying County. The use of an air dome adds a futuristic element to something as simple as a park or restaurant. These domes offer solutions that are great for temporary and more permanent setups, which adds greater flexibility to how they can be used. In this article, we are going to take a look at this amazing air dome and see how it helps in the cultural tourism industry.


Air Dome Water Park in Daying County, Sichuan Province, China

When it comes to these domes, one of the most impressive ones that we can currently see come to a reality is the Daying County Air Dome Water Park. This park is built entirely on the basis of a leisure dome that will essentially offer a greater optimization of the internal space. The idea behind this entire structure is to provide an outdoor dome experience that the entire family is able to enjoy – all while also providing everyone inside access to optimal and high-quality air that is enriched with oxygen.

  1. A Pioneering Structure

The Air Dome that can be observed in Daying County uses a first-of-its-kind construction, which greatly enhances its overall efficacy. It is a type of outdoor dome that consists of a double membrane glass construction. The use of two membranes of glass is the factor that makes this particular air dome such an effective structure.

The opening that exists between the two membranes allows air to pass through. The air dome then uses intelligent control systems in order to ensure air is continuously supplied to this particular space, which helps to create a type of positive pressure in the dome. The shell on the exterior of the dome is then supported by air that flows inside and outside the structure.

  1. Better Experiences

The dual membrane structure also delivers more space that can be used on the interior of the air dome. Additionally, this provides an energy-saving solution that also helps to provide enhancement of oxygen availability in the interior environment. Furthermore, the structure of the dome also minimizes the need for third-party elements that can help with the regulation of both humidity and the interior temperature inside the air dome. This significantly reduces the costs associated with operating hardware that can provide these particular functions.

  1. Better Visual Effects

The dome features a height of 27 meters and offers a spacious interior area that is used to operate the water park. In fact, the Air Dome in Daying County has a surface size that spans over 20,000 square meters, which also makes it one of the larger ones in existence. The operators have the ability to project day and night landscapes on the interior of the dome all the time, which further adds to the visual effects people can experience when they enter this air dome.

Air Domes From Metaspace

There are several companies that offer air dome solutions. Only some of these companies are able to bring true advancements in the industry to their clients. This is where Metaspace comes in. Metaspace offers flexible dome solutions that are customized for events, festivals, and several other purposes. The company focuses on high space utilization in the design of the air domes they offer while also reducing the need for a significant level of maintenance.

The operator is also in full control when they decide to utilize air domes from Metaspace. There is an air quality control system that allows for easy adjustments to the temperature, as well as the humidity, inside the space.


The air-supported structure of the water park not only realizes a large indoor space but also controls the temperature and humidity easily, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Tourists are allowed to be in the most comfortable environment during the whole experience.

From a professional sports field with constant temperature and humidity to a comprehensive performance field with sound and photoelectric effects, Metaspace will continue to create more intelligent, more convenient, safer, more environmentally friendly, and more innovative air domes technology.