Sports Dome: Perfect Solution for Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 Indoor Sports

Indoor sports have added a wide variety to the already existing outdoor sports in the modern-day era. In the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, different indoor sports are played, including speed skating, curling, figure skating, and ice hockey. Due to the nature of these sports and the types of outfield these sports require, the

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How Does A Sports Dome Ensure Your Sports Safety?

Extreme weather conditions sometimes disrupt every walk of life, and sports are no different. Whenever a thunderstorm strikes or the wild wind blows, it becomes impossible to conduct outdoor sports. You cannot afford to play in extreme weather conditions since the safety of the players, audience, and sports equipment are at risk.   Even

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Air Dome Applied in Logistics and Warehousing

The air dome market is undoubtedly on the roll. The moment it got famous for its prodigious amount of space, it instantly got the attention of the storage dome supplier experts. The logistics and warehousing facilities cannot seem to do without it and are commonly benefiting from the air dome system. To know why it

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Everything You Should Know About Air Dome: Applications and Advantages

An air dome can be defined as a hollow, air supported structure that runs on a continuous air ventilation system along with multiple layers of protective PVC coatings on its shell membrane. In simple words, the air dome is a new type of building formation technique in the construction family, which takes pride in its cutting-edge membrane

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In the post epidemic period, how can such a museum not be loved!

The epidemic has made 1.4 billion people stay at home and dare not go out. In these days of home isolation, we are worried, anxious, moved and looking forward to Experienced a myriad of emotions, as if everyone had experienced a soul baptism. Everyone who died in the epidemic reminds us with their lives

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Together with yoton film, uncover the “Chinese black technology” hidden in “crazy alien”

During the Spring Festival of 2019, with the release of "crazy alien", it not only made a lot of box office, but also increased the momentum for the development of China's film industry. In public opinion and social media, a phenomenal topic appeared: because of the frequent appearance of "spaceship like" gas film lens with

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To create a new opportunity for winter sports

2019 is the "Sino Finnish winter sports year" jointly sponsored by China and Finland. With the personal promotion of the two heads of state, it will become the first national year with sports as the theme established by China and friendly countries. The two countries have carried out all-round exchanges and cooperation in the

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