Swim Dome: The Newest Wave of Natatorium

Swim Dome: The Newest Wave of Natatorium Swim domes have great potential to take the place of traditional swimming stadiums. Basically, a swim dome offers multiple benefits, such as complete weather protection and fast and easier installation. However, the most significant feature of a swim dome is it has lower energy consumption compared to a

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Things You Won’t Believe You Can Do With an Outdoor Dome

Things You Won’t Believe You Can Do With an Outdoor Dome Construction domes have been used in architecture for a long time; dainty tops of old European churches are a popular example. The concept of outdoor domes has recently gained popularity in various industries, including logistics and warehousing, the industrial environment, and the leisure industry.

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Air Dome Shines In Cultural Tourism Industry

With the continuous change and improvement of people’s expectations of tourism destinations, tourism demand has gradually shifted from simple eating, drinking, and relaxation to more high-end spiritual fields such as emotional experience, sensory stimulation, and inspiration. That is where the air dome steps in. One of the most recent ventures that the world is

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Why Is Sports Dome A Futuristic Tech? Metaspace For You To Know

  While it is generally easy to set up a field for football, baseball, and other events that are usually enjoyed in hot and cold weather, there are some sports that require a very specific temperature. Ice and snow sports are great examples, where exceptionally low temperatures become critical to prevent the platforms from

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Storage Dome: The Ultimate Solution for Grain Storage

  Food preservation and storage have always presented significant worldwide challenges. Improper food storage can result in a variety of issues, including bacteria and mold growth, food spoiling due to natural decay, and even food waste, which results in the loss of billions of dollars each year. However, a storage dome is a perfect solution

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Sports Dome Helps Achieve Carbon Neutrality in the Beijing Winter Olympics

The 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in China were planned to be the greenest ever, and history was made when the Beijing Winter Olympics first applied the sports dome to achieve carbon neutrality by using a number of carbon-cutting, reduction, and offset strategies.   One of the most critical issues of our day is climate

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Sports Dome: Perfect Solution for Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 Indoor Sports

Indoor sports have added a wide variety to the already existing outdoor sports in the modern-day era. In the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, different indoor sports are played, including speed skating, curling, figure skating, and ice hockey. Due to the nature of these sports and the types of outfield these sports require, the

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How Does A Sports Dome Ensure Your Sports Safety?

Extreme weather conditions sometimes disrupt every walk of life, and sports are no different. Whenever a thunderstorm strikes or the wild wind blows, it becomes impossible to conduct outdoor sports. You cannot afford to play in extreme weather conditions since the safety of the players, audience, and sports equipment are at risk.   Even

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Air Dome Applied in Logistics and Warehousing

The air dome market is undoubtedly on the roll. The moment it got famous for its prodigious amount of space, it instantly got the attention of the storage dome supplier experts. The logistics and warehousing facilities cannot seem to do without it and are commonly benefiting from the air dome system. To know why it

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Everything You Should Know About Air Dome: Applications and Advantages

An air dome can be defined as a hollow, air supported structure that runs on a continuous air ventilation system along with multiple layers of protective PVC coatings on its shell membrane. In simple words, the air dome is a new type of building formation technique in the construction family, which takes pride in its cutting-edge membrane

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